Fixing a broken world

A Veil Torn

As Mordenai touches Tog and casts his spell you all feel an explosion go off in your head and memories come flooding back. You remember the four of you meeting in Antiva along with a fifth, a human wizard named Aureon. You slew the mighty dragon Sartharion, helped defend a group of innocent Kobolds from an invasion force intent on their destruction. Monarch’s once knew your name, looked to you as heroes. And heroes you were, the stuff of legend yet flesh and blood. And then it all went to hell.

Literally. Tersius warned his servants that the Dragon with 7 heads and 10 horns was beginning to weaken his prison. The Dragon’s name was Lucifer, a being bent on making creation bow to him. The five of you were assembled for the most deadly mission you had faced. One of you allowed a servant of Tersius, his greatest warrior Michael, to possess you. You were to take him into the Cage where he would hold Lucifer at bay while you repaired the cage with magic far beyond what any mortal could accomplish. Epic magic. Your power then was unlike any other, no one alive could defeat you. Or so you thought.

You began your descent into hell, fighting your way closer and closer to the Cage. The details are blurry, bad memories best left in the past. But at last you stood before the cage. You prepared to complete your mission, to fix it before he escaped fully. And at the last moment you were betrayed. Aureon turned his arcane might against you as the cage was opened, revealing he was possessed by a demon. He lashed out at Michael, distracting him enough for Lucifer to gain the upper hand. And then Michael was sealed within the cage. Lucifer removed all of you from hell before you could free him and then cursed you, draining most of your strength away. Gaelic succeeded in stabbing Lucifer once. Not a fatal wound at all, but Lucifer’s pride lead to wrath and he burned hundreds of miles in all directions. Then as he prepared to kill you in your vulnerable state, Joshua appeared and used old magic to shield you from Lucifer. So long as you could not remember Lucifer, he would be unable to find you.

As the burning begins to fade from all of you, you get the fleeting sensation of a chuckle and a whisper “I’ve found you.”



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