Fixing a broken world

An investigation

After Tog was taken away to prison along with Mayor Wimbleby, Draevin went to speak with Father Paitr. Draevin explained that he believed Tog wasn’t in his right mind when he attacked the mayor and asked the Father to speak to the City Council on Gaelic’s behalf. Father Paitr agreed, believing that all the help would be needed to combat the Lycanthrope threat. Tyr went to ground in Ackbar’s Alchemy and Magic Supplies, knowing that the alchemist and kobold had barricaded the doors.

Eventually, Tyr goes to the temple and explains himself to Draevin and the Father. As the sun rises, they travel to the jail so that Tyr can hand himself in and the Father can speak on Gaelic’s behalf. As they approach the jail, however, they see the mayor being carried out. His wrists were shredded and he had blood smeared across his face. Tyr quickly vanished, and invisibly searched the jail inside and out for animal tracks. While he failed to find any tracks, he did find clumps of animal hair inside the cell (along with copious amounts of blood.

After he returned, Father Paitr offers to cast a spell to speak with the imprint of the Mayor’s soul still left in the body. After Tyr gives the hair to Father Paitr as a scrying focus, they return to the temple to cast the spells.

After casting his spell, Father Paitr deferred to the group about the questions to be asked. The first question (who killed you?) was answered with a simple word: “me”. When asked why he killed himself, he responded that he “felt the beast inside me growing”. Focusing next on the Lycanthropes terrorizing the outlying farms, the group asked for their location. “Outside the town, always moving.” Draevin asked how the werebears were contacted and the mayor divulged meeting them “in a grove about an hour east of Magosi on the night of the full moon.” He revealed that he was not changed to a Lycanthrope by the werebears, nor did he know why they were acting strangely. His own beast started growing last night.

After the questioning, the Father went to the jail to plead Tyr and Tog’s case. Tyr hands himself in and asks for mercy. After a bit of haggling and a promise of discount services at the temple, Tog is released into Draevin’s custody under the condition that a guard accompany him while he remains in Magosi and that he spend his nights either in the temple or in the jail. Tyr is fined 100 gold for breaking into the mayors home and is to spend a day in the pillory. They are willing to waive the day in the pillory if you aid them against the lycanthropes.



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