Thull - REBORN!


Race: Half-Ogre
HP: 148
AC: 21
Touch: 13
Flat-Footed: 21

Initiative: +1

STR: 32
DEX: 12
CON: 16
INT: 13
WIS: 10
CHA: 10

Fort: 15
Reflex: 7
Will: 11

B.A.B 10 / 5
Grapple: 25

Exotic Weapon Proficiency (Heavy Goliath Great Hammer)
Power Attack
Extra Rage
Extended Rage
Combat Casting

Special Abilities:
Barbarian 5
Fast Movement
Rage 2/day
Uncanny dodge
Trap sense +2
Improved uncanny dodge

Bear Warrior 5
Black Bear (Form)

War Shaper 1
Morphic Immunities
Morphic Weapons

Warblade 7
Battle Ardor (critical confirmation)
Battle Clarity (reflex Saves)
Weapon Aptitude
Battle Cunning (Damage)

Wizard 1
Summon familiar
Scribe scroll

Abjurant Champion 5
Abjurant armor
Extended abjuration
Swift abjuration
Arcane boost
Martial Arcanist


(Gold) Heavy Goliath Great Hammer (Vicious, Metal Line, Maiming)
Circlet of the Mage
Cloak of Res. 3
Belt of Giant Str. 4
Ring of Prot. 3
Ring of Adamantine Touch


Tog is one of the middle children in a large family (more than five children) who are all deceased. Tog is the first generation born in this area, to his clan Dumluk. How does the community react to Tog? Well, truthfully, Tog is shunned by the community. Tog has an entire race of Orc’s that considers him an enemy and wants to capture and torture him before killing him. Luckily though, Tog also has earned the respect of a Gnome Bard, who provides legal or governmental leverage when needed. Tog has a pet weasel that follows him around, and seems rather intelligent.

Important Events;

Tog was stricken with a grave illness that nearly cost him his life. After an extended period of convalescence, he recovered. This brush with death has left him with a very real sense of his own mortality and the value of life, resulting in an element of deep caring for others who are ill.

Tog suffered a serious accident due to his own caring for the ill. Although he has tried to put this mishap behind him, he has now has a scar of a large star burst where a sorcerer tricked Tog, and cast disintegration when he got close. The scar or disfigurement acts as a constant reminder of that grim happening.

At one point in Tog’s life, he found himself in an argument that made him so angry that he couldn’t control his temper. Because of Tog’s earlier display of temper, the he has tightly controlled emotions or sometimes gives in to bouts of reckless anger.

After showing honor when dealing with a downed foe, Tog received a parting gift from him, his Heavy Goliath Great Hammer.

A close friend gave his own life to save Tog, and he has never forgotten this sacrifice.

Tog has participated in events that could be considered both evil and good. As a result, others around him never know what to expect. He tends to do things that can be seen as evil, but turn out to be for the greater good. Sometimes his actions cause conflict with others until he can explain himself.


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