Fixing a broken world

Half Man, Half Beast

The players came to themselves in the wasteland confronted by a huge demon, 20 feet tall. His flesh was rotting and appeared to be seeing without the use of his eyes. He forced a link upon the paladin, shifting some of the damage away from himself. They made short work of the demon who exploded, killing the party.

Who then woke up in a very cramped hut. The smell of cat waste was very heavy, making the lupin sneeze several times. The owner of the hut soon revealed herself as Agatha, and commented that she was getting ready to call the grave digger. When asked how they arrived, Agatha merely claimed that “Mr Tumbles brought you.” while gesturing to a very small kitten. Quickly taking their leave of Agatha and her plethora of cats, the party headed to the nearby village of Magosi, unsure of who they were, where they came from or why they traveled together.

As they approached the town, a change in the breeze brought the scent of Lycanthropes to the lupin’s strong nose. Choosing to investigate they found a cave, with several sets of tracks. The lupin studied the tracks and narrowed down their numbers to 6 or 7, 3 of the sets were very small and childlike. The Warlock also noticed a glow in the back of the cave and went to investigate, discovering a mangled ghost. Deciding there was nothing more to be done here the party continued on to town.

The town showed signs of wind damage, several of the buildings having been knocked over. The players split up to gather information to plan their next move. The Binder began asking about Agatha, but learned that she was reclusive and a little insane. The lupin headed to the Temple of Tersius where he was welcomed as “Sacred one” and given a room to refresh himself and rest during his stay in Magosi. The Warlock traveled to the inn, but learned nothing except the price of a room and the Incarnate traveled to the town hall to speak to the mayor. He learned that Mayor Everett Wimbleby was about half an hour out of town investigating the latest farm burning.

After cleaning himself, the lupin spoke to Father Paitr, the high priest. The Father shared news of murders happening in town. The bodies were found in the middle of town, mauled as though by a large animal. Remembering the cave from earlier, the Lupin decided that the murders were the work of Werebears and went to investigate the body of the first victim, the only one that wasn’t cremated, the mayor’s daughter. Meeting with his companions outside the lupin finally smelled the curse of Lycanthropy on Father Paitr, and the warlock used his psionic might to pierce the disguise. It was revealed that Father Paitr is in fact a wereraven, and he swears that he is not evil. While not trusting him completely, the party has decided to let it be for now.

Arriving into town as the mayor returned from his inspection of the farm, the Lupin’s nose was assaulted by a very powerful cologne from the mayor. He seemed aloof and cold to the party, mistrustful of outsiders. He showed them the door the bodies were left near, that led to an underground shrine, and then left to speak with the city council. After descending to see the Air Spirit, the party decided he knew nothing and left to investigate the farm.

The farm house was destroyed, a few timbers still standing but ash everywhere. The crops had also been methodically burned, it was deduced that Flaming Sphere was used. An old man was picking weeds and when questioned told them to make themselves useful and help him. The warlock quickly knelt down to assist. As he worked, he spoke to the two of the recent troubles in Magosi. He claimed to know who they were, and that he was the one who broght them here. He also said that for their own safety, he could not reveal anything to them. After some insistence from the lupin, a loud noise sounded, and the old man revealed his name to be Joshua. He said he had obtained permission to give them their names and as soon as he revealed it, part of the fog shrank back in their minds. The lupin, Draevin, has heard of a servant of Tersius named Joshua who appears to the repentant to show them the way back to the path of righteousness, but is unsure if the two Joshua’s are in fact the same.

Joshua apologized for not being able to help more, as he has been watching the Lycanthropes attack, and the raids are unrelated as far as he knows. He also reveals that the Wimbleby is in fact a werewolf. He is allowing some farms to be attacked so that a majority of the town will stay safe. Joshua asks Draevin and the warlock, Tyr, to be merciful to the mayor as he is not evil, just lost. Draevin says he will try but that if it comes to it, the mayor will be put to death. As they leave, the Incarnate, Theo, sees Joshua fade away.

On the return to town, the Binder Gaelic, wandered off to summon a pair of Vestiges to bind in case they confronted the mayor. He was able to bind Halphax but Marchosias exerted some influence over him. Tyr traveled to Ackbar’s Alchemy and Enchanted Items to see if they had any weapons that were silvered, but the owner, a gnome named Ackbar, said that the mayor had banned the creation of alchemically silvered weapons. Any such weapons in town were melted down, and the materials to create more confiscated as contraband. After letting slip that there were lycanthropes about, Ackbar and his partner, a Kobold named Meepo, began to panic and close the shop, barricading the doors and windows.

The others made a beeline for the temple to speak with Father Paitr. He seemed shocked to learn that Mayor Wimbleby was a Lycanthrope. Draevin asked Tyr to go keep an eye on the mayor in case he contacts the werebears. After falling asleep in his study and waking several hours later, Mayor Wimbleby smelled Tyr and demanded he reveal himself. Tyr did so and told him that they knew of his affliction and his involvement with the murders before fleeing to the Ackbar’s Alchemy.

Having declined a room at the temple and instead taking a room at the Inn, Theo saw the mayor calling the guard to arrest Tyr for breaking into his home. Theo stopped them and asked Mayor Wimbleby to submit to questioning by Father Paitr as to the truth of his accusations. After a brief arguement he agreed and the two made their way to the Temple. After entering the temple, Draevin’s disguise faltered, alarming the guards. Father Paitr calmed them and cast a Zone of Truth to question the mayor. The Mayor affirmed under the spell effect that he had seen Tyr in his home. Draevin, taking advantage of the fact that the Mayor could not lie, asked if he had any involvement with the lycanthrope attacks. After Father Pait reprimanded him for taking advantage of the Mayor’s willingness to verify that he saw Tyr, Father Paitr allowed Draevin to interrogate the mayor.

After affirming that he had contact with the Lycanthropes to protect his people, Gaelic, under Marchosias influence attempted to kill the mayor. This prompted an angry response from Father Paitr who dominated Gaelic into lowering his weapon. Gaelic was questioned briefly before being led to the jail along with the now deposed mayor. The Mayor mentioned his meetings occur on the full moon, a night six days from now.



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