Dominarian Empire: A predominantly human empire, it lies between the Wall of Halimar, the Khalni sovereignty, and the Sea of Tuatha. Predominantly farmland, the Dominarian Empire recently suffered a massive blow to it’s fields due to an explosion of unknown causes. Survivor’s testimonies (which are few and far between) say that it’s as if the very land turned to fire and turned on them.

Khalni Sovereignty: An elven kingdom in the forests of Khalni, the Khalni have ended a war with the humans due to the devastation to their land. Humans began to study under the elven and orcish druid clans, seeking a way to restore their home. The Half-Elf, Zhalfir, was instrumental in writing the peace treaty. As such a small valley of land between Khalni and Dominaria was forsworn by both governments as neutral ground.

Sipan: A two week journey across the Sea of Tuatha from Dominaria, Sipan is often called the “nation of spirits”. Spirit worship is very prevalent in Sipan, from the lowliest Shugenja to the most powerful Vanira Shaman. Sipan is very closed off to outsider’s, allowing trading vessels to dock only at specific locations.

Arkhosia: This Island off the east coast of the main continent rises miles above sea level. Through a combination of natural erosion and magic, the walls are all but unclimbable. Rumors say that the Dragons make their home atop the massive cliff, content to leave the world to it’s own devices.

Halimar: Nothing is known about Halimar except that a wall separates it from the rest of the world. The wall defies all attempts to pass through it, teleportation does not seem to function within its borders and anything that flies over the wall is quickly made into a pincushion by unseen archers. Anuwon, foster child to the Dominarian Emperor, claims to hail from Halimar, though he refuses to say what it’s like.


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